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Novated Leasing Turns Your Non-Tax Deductible Car Debt into Tax Deductible Debt

What others say about NCLO

Fiona E.

Supermarkets West

"I love my senior management role within the wholesale grocery industry, but it leaves me with very little time for personal business. I needed a new car, therefore I dreaded the thought of having to deal with high pressure car salesman. I went online and found the alternative to a outright car yard purchase was the option to take out a Novated Vehicle Lease. Keeping it local I found the NCLO website and requested an online quote in a few seconds. Wow, what an experience! Immediate reply and personal attention, advice was friendly and informative, the process was fast. All costs are now funded via my payroll, even my payroll manager said it was easy to adjust! Now I have my new SUV and couldn't be happier, a big thanks to Jeff and his NCLO team, I suspect you will have a few of my work colleagues coming your way very soon, thank you very much for everything" Supermarkets West


Baulkham Hills

"Working as a marketing consultant and like most, the budget and time I have available for seeking a new car is limited. My friend Mark suggested I check out a car lease as an option for a new car. He said they do all the foot work and you just sit back. Sounded too good to be true, so I found a simple to follow lease calculator on the NCLO website, received my pre-quote via email and was contacted almost immediately, by a very helpful and informative consultant. He answered all my questions, provided me with a comprehensive quote that saved me much more than any other car offers I had received, and unexpectedly took the time to explain the fine print details. Mark was right, once I submitted a quote request I just sat back. They handled the entire process, it was so fast and straightforward. I felt completely informed of my contractual obligations. Thanks to NCLO, I now have the car of my choice and well within my budget."



"As an individual, I was interested in exploring novated leasing as an option for my next car. I reached out to NCLO, via their simple to follow website calculator. I was contacted by a very helpful and informative consultant who was able to answer all my questions, they then provided me with a comprehensive quote and took the time to explain the finer details. The entire process was straightforward, and I felt completely informed of all the information and contractual obligations involved. Thanks to NCLO, I now have the car of my choice without breaking the bank"

Dave A.

Remote Miner

"I am the CFO for an offshore listed mining company operating in remote WA with approx. 600 permanent employees and 250 contractors. We have been using NCLO for over 4 years for all our staff’s Novated Leasing dealings. We have found their service delivery to our company and our staff to be timely and professional at all times. The standout feature with NCLO is the exceptional effort they go to explain all the inner workings of this ATO approved salary packaging product. It’s a refreshing change to have such open disclosure given the general nature of the Novated Leasing industry at large. In a few words, our company is always seeking ways to improve our green credentials by looking at our environmental impact and options to help our employees offset their carbon footprint. It was identified that helping our staff upgrade to an Electric Vehicle utilising the Australian Government ATO rebate for EV's in conjunction with the huge benefits of a salary packaged Novated Vehicle Lease was an ideal fit. Outcome. Happy Company, Happy Staff, Happy Environment. NCLO comes highly recommended"

Mark S.

Director of Two Moons Consulting

"Jeff and the NCLO team were recommended to me for a novated lease.

I found the process was delivered in a very professional, supportive and seamless manner. Now I am the happy owner of a new shiny vehicle.
I would not hesitate to recommend Jeff and NCLO team."

    Driving Tax Savings for SME Employers and Employees


    Reward your employees with salary sacrificed car leasing
    Become an Employer of Choice
    Save on payroll tax
    and there are plenty more advantages to enjoy…


    Greater purchasing power on new vehicles
    Don’t pay 10% GST on the purchase price of your new or used car or the related expenses
    Significant savings on income tax
    …When you provide novated car leasing options to your team!

      The benefits of novated leasing have, until now, been largely reserved for employees of big businesses and big Govt. But with 98% of companies classified as small and medium enterprises – which are responsible for employing over one million Australians – we realised too many hard-working people were missing out on significant tax savings, so we created a solution.

      Helping Small and Medium Businesses Attract and Retain Staff

      Imagine you could save your employees thousands of dollars on their vehicle expenses without costing you a cent…

      When you hold a Novation Lease Agreement, you can become an Employer of Choice and do just that! 

      Setting up a novation agreement costs you nothing and you may even save on payroll tax (alongside a host of other benefits) – all while the employee saves thousands of dollars on their vehicle and maintains full responsibility for their own lease.

      Novated leasing offers a win-win situation for employers and employees.

      Novated leases are suitable for employees with a taxable income of $50,000+ per annum on private motor vehicles that carry no more than 8 passengers and do not have a carrying capacity of 1,000kgs or more.*

      Reduce Vehicle Expenses

      Besides housing costs, motor vehicles are often the most significant household expense for Australians. From the purchase price to the ongoing costs of registration, fuel, insurance and service/maintenance fees, cars consume a good deal of an employee’s income. 

      We work with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of 1–120 employees to provide a fully maintained novated car leasing solution for private vehicles that saves money for staff and business owners alike.

      With no cost to the employer, novated car leasing is a great way to show appreciation to your staff by helping them save GST on the purchase price of a new or used car as well as fuel, and general running costs. 

      Novated leasing helps employees save thousands on personal loan interest and post-tax spending, which can instead be used to boost the retirement nest egg, pay off a mortgage, or treat the kids to an annual holiday.

      What Could You Save?
      Save time with simplified budgeting
      Pay your vehicle and running costs using pre-tax income
      Pump up your retirement savings

      Benefits of Novated Leasing with NCLO Include:

      For Employers

      Boost your Employer of Choice status
      Excellent free strategy for attracting new staff or retaining existing team members
      Save on payroll tax
      No FBT
      Approved ATO tax product
      Very happy staff!

      For Employees

      Greater purchasing power on new vehicles
      Don’t pay 10% GST on the purchase price of your new or used car or the related expenses
      Significant savings on income tax
      Simplified budgeting with an all-expense included lease repayment via payroll
      Transparent and personalised service
      No car yard hassles – deal with our executive fleet managers
      Peace of mind through reliable, safe, and economical motoring

      What is a Novated Car Lease?

      Check savings now
      A novated car lease is when your employer offers you the opportunity to access novated leasing for your own private motor vehicle/s via pre- and post-tax payroll deductions to your salary.

      This means you don’t have to pay income tax on your pre-tax salary deductions.

      Novated leases can apply to new, used, or currently owned vehicles. This system is 100% approved by the Australian Tax Office and means you can pay for all ongoing car expenses (fuel, registration, servicing and maintenance, insurance, tyres - even car washes!) out of your pre–tax salary. Read more on Novated Leasing page.

      Why Choose NCLO for Your Novated Car Leasing Needs

      At NCLO, we’ve done the hard work for you. We partner with premium, fully-maintained novated lease providers to keep the process simple and cost-effective for our clients.

      We have superior buying power and offer the exceptional fleet discounts usually enjoyed by large corporations to small and medium-sized companies and their employees. This applies to all makes and models, including the generous government tax incentives on electric vehicles.

      Is Novated Leasing right for you?

      Unlock your potential savings with our free online calculator.
      CALCULATE YOUR SAVINGS as at 25 September 2022 

      *carrying capacity on vehicles may be negotiable. Speak to an NCLO representative today if you have a car in mind.